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Ongoing stage and living with interventions, acts, music and conversations: Simomo Bouj is hosting an enchanting MINA RWINA space for juicy conversations and unadulterated fun. A stage always comes with expectations about how to use it and how to relate to it. How can we recognize this and play with it? How can we reinvent this environment to entertain ourselves? __________________________ No Limits! Art Castle (formerly Outsiderland) connects the world of outsider art with the mainstream art world. The initiative is committed to breaking these cultural conventions by connecting projects from insider and outsider creatives. It stands for an art world without borders; not between makers, art and design, day and night culture or fantasy and reality.

  • Date: 4-11-2023 19:00 - 5-11-2023 01:00
  • Location Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin 112, Amsterdam, Nederland (Map)


Participating artists: Jonathan de Regt, Simomo Bouj, AfroOankali, Cara Wittenhaus, Bruin Parry and Sarjon, Sargon, Shivers, Gore dealerbaby, Ra'sh, Asmahan, Khanees Al Essam and NOT Laila! and the muzes of Candy Cloud.

Ground floor
19:00-20:30: DJ-set MLDYFRC / opening Candy Cloud
20:30-21:00: Dance performances FREE PALESTINA, Bassie, Monster / MINA RWINA
21:00-21:30: Interviews with muzes / MINA RWINA x Candy Cloud (Dutch)
21:30-22:30: DJ set AFROANKALI / MINA RWINA
22:30-23:00: Howling workshop by Maria Lepisto (English)
23:00-23:30: Dance performances FREE PALESTINA, Bassie, Monster / MINA RWINA
23:30-1:30: DJ-set AFROANKALI / MINA RWINA
19.00-23.00: Photo booth Candy Cloud

1st floor:
19:00-23:00: Guided tour Visie Tankstation / Pavel van Houten (Dutch)
20.00-22.00: Ongoing performance Suspending My Worries / Maaike Fransen

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