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There's something special about howling wolves. It is not just a beautiful sound, but it is also as if they are crying directly to us. Wolves respond to howling humans and humans respond to howling wolves. 'In my interactive performances I try to create a sense of community by listening to and communicating like animals. This 'howling' workshop and performance revolves around the online community of Therians; people who identify and howl like wolves. ________________ Animal communication is a recurring theme in Maria Lepistö's sound work. She emphasizes vocal experiments in her performances and workshops. All her projects are collected in the bioacoustic archive The Animal Sound Archive. In 2013 she founded The Animal Sound Society in Amsterdam. _____________ Try-out performance workshop: 16.00-17.00

  • Date: 3-11-2023 16:00
  • Location Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin 112, Amsterdam, Nederland (Map)
  • More Info: English spoken

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